Open global markets make for tighter competition and organizations and companies are continuously facing new challenges. While sales expectations have to be fulfilled, costs have to be cut and companies still have to be convincing with new and innovative strategies.

Cutting costs is a popular way of increasing profits, and cost saving potentials can be found in nearly every organization or company, especially with regard to existing input/output and document processing environments.

The optimization of IT infrastructures is our goal. Our consulting services are always aligned with individual needs and industry trends, and take state-of-the-art technology into account for cost-effective and productive IT environments.

Trust in our competent consultancy at the various stages. Starting with the analysis of the current state, via concept and planning of measures, to the final implementation.

Our focus areas:

  • Discovery & Design Services
  • Supplies Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Output Management
  • Security


The optimization of your output (peripheral) environment can lead to significant cost savings of up to 25 - 35%, more efficient business processes and higher user satisfaction and thus productivity.


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