Why we are different

We are different because we understand that you are different. Our team works with you to design an output device strategy that fits your company goals and strategies. Moreover, our service offerings are comprehensive and encompass an assessment of your enterprise output devices including deployment, management, and support.

We understand enterprise environments

Our Consulting team has collected data from over 90.000 devices (physically, not just electronically), including companies with high risk environments (nuclear power plants), large sites (more than 20.000 devices at one location), and multiple locations (one company with 72 different sites and 26 sub-companies). Intracon is the trusted advisor to companies in over 70 different countries.

Global resources locally

We combine the central resources in our main offices with local support and services that speak your language. With highly trained experts around the world, we provide the same responsive service whether you’re based in a remote location or in a major market.

Our people make the difference

Having worked with some of the world's largest companies, our team has particular expertise in IT assessments for medium to complex enterprise environments. Our approach to creating design plans has exceeded our customers’ business goals, not only short term but long term as well.

Implementation and integration services

Intracon provides services beyond what other professional assessment companies provide. To realize the maximum cost savings, everything must be optimized, not just the device fleet. Our service team provides planning, implementation, integration, and customization of services to meet your business needs. We provide solutions for effective driver management, device management, and supplies management. We are experienced at automating the rollout of a large numbers of devices.

Customer training services

Even the best designed strategy will be unsuccessful when the end user does not understand and adopt it. Most of our customers request our training department to conduct end user training at the conclusion of an implementation project to be sure everyone understands the new configuration, the new cost-savings approach, and how to use all the features on the devices.

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