Protect confidential information, increase awareness and reduce print costs with Intracon Consulting Services.

Today financial and IT managers know they must consolidate, standardize and control their printing operations in order to reduce costs and simplify working patterns. In addition, their employees must be able to print safely anytime, anywhere, at any printer of their choice.

Intracon provides security consulting services based on specific vendor solutions from:

- Safecom (Smart Printing)

- Hewlett-Packard (HP Access Control)


SafeCom Smart Printing is the solution most companies need to control and optimize their print environment since it provides:

  • Central Administration of users and devices to optimize operations
  • Document Accounting of all print, copy, fax, e-mail and scan activities
  • Secure Printing of all documents to ensure confidentiality
  • Policy Enforcement which motivates changes in user behavior


User Benefits:

  • Print safely anytime, anywhere
  • Go to the printer of your choice
  • Avoid lost documents
  • Improve mobility
  • Use the web to delete and retain print jobs

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HP Access Control is a set of HP solutions designed to provide secure access to imaging and printing devices, documents and information.

Key Features:

  • Retains print jobs on print servers until their release
  • Gains in productivity and security
  • Quotas and expiration for print jobs
  • Provides one print queue for all printers
  • Includes data encryption
  • Live ID validation (badge number, PIN code)
  • Badge enrollment for HP Access Control Secure Authentication modules, against LDAP and Active Directory servers User authentication
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