Today, most IT resellers and IT Consultants are focused on providing consulting services on PCs, servers, and storage, and view the imaging and printing infrastructure as a side topic. We believe the imaging and printing infrastructure is a key element of the IT backbone of a company. We provide consulting services for customers who are facing the challenge of larger device rollouts.

Based on our experience, most customers underestimate the possibilities and features of modern output devices. In fact, modern networked output devices act like PCs or servers with some limitations. Realizing the potential of output devices, most vendors support the installation of custom-developed applications on printers, but fail to address all the functions output devices can provide. What most vendors do not take into consideration is the role output devices play in the security strategy of the IT department.

It is possible to configure more than 400 different parameters on a single device. Because of the large number of parameters that can be configured on output devices, the device roll-out scenario can become quite complex. Intracon has helped customers move from manual, time consuming roll-outs filled with faulty and unsecure configurations to a completely automated device roll-out. An automated device roll out results in huge cost savings, fewer post roll-out complications and troubleshooting, and enhanced network security. Recently, one of our customers confirmed a direct cost savings greater than $300,000 using our automated roll out services for 6,000 devices in multiple locations.

If you are facing a large output device rollout and would like to know how we can help you, please feel free to contact our consulting team.

See this interesting video for details (MP4, 0:43 min)


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