The Effective Classroom Training Triangle

Effective training is directly dependent on three core elements:




Unlike most other training companies, 95% of all Intracon trainers are full-time employees. This means that Intracon trainers don't just deliver trainings, they are involved in consulting projects as well, allowing them to present those elements during a training. This enables them to share in depth real life experiences in the classroom.

Facilities and Logistics

From the feel and look of the classroom to the method of training delivery, even to the equipment and tools available for learning, everything plays a role in the effectiveness of training. The layout of a training lab should allow the trainer to interact with the students easily; as a result all our training rooms are using a U-shape table arrangement to allow participants to interact naturally. Additionally, all our training rooms have adequate workspace for taking notes as well as enough space for hands-on workshops. Even though our rooms are large enough to host up to 20 people, the average classroom size is 12-15 participants, which allows us to provide an advanced learning experience.


Some people say a good trainer can deliver a good training even with bad content and materials. To a certain point this is true, however, we believe that only with a combination of very good training material and appropriate content, can we provide in depth, useful and effective training. As a result we provide training development services to some of the largest IT vendors in the industry, which allows us to provide classes with the course content we believe is the best available. Do not forget – all Intracon training developers and instructors have real customer experience and regular customer interaction which enables us to talk about the most relevant topics. This is one of the reasons why we can ensure that we have the right balance between lecture and hands-on time, especially for technical and service trainings.

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