Problem Statement

Classroom training, when mixed with software elements, adds a level of preparation that often goes unnoticed. Software training requires certification of operating systems and hardware to ensure a consistent and repeatable successful outcome for students. By itself, this preparation can be managed through the use of virtual technologies that make it possible to distribute images that are “pre configured” to work with training materials. Where instructors run into problems is when the software requires access to network resources to work correctly. This thrusts the instructor into becoming a network administrator as managing IP addresses, hostnames / DNS structures, domain access to resources, and many more hurdles to successfully deploy and deliver a training. To successfully deliver a demo or training of such a solution puts a tremendous burden on the trainer. The end result is often a reduced experience for the student because the instructor simply does not have the knowledge, infrastructure, or budget to set up the experience.


Cloud Training

Intracon creates a virtual cloud based training and demo environment that allows for hands-on software based activities to be performed anytime, anywhere. By providing a turnkey training environment for instructors to leverage from, Intracon clients can create complete virtual classrooms capable of student hands-on activities, with the only requirement being, internet access and a web browser.

Intracon and our partners have developed a cloud based solution that allows for the creation of virtual sandboxes where students can freely interact with the virtual environment.  To access this cloud based service the participant only needs to have an internet access with a major web browser that supports JAVA.  Once connected the participant sees a desktop / PC as if it was a local image. Unknown to the participant is that they are connected to a virtual network that has been pre-configured to match their content-exactly. Content possibilities can range from post sales delivery training to pre-sales demonstrations.  Each virtual network can include any infant number of network services that can be easily built into the virtual classroom to ensure a full and complete software demo and or training. In addition, each classroom can be saved for easy training reuse thus creating turn-key training opportunities with the only requirement being internet access and a web browser.

Example of HP Access Control Master and Slave server for failover exploration and testing along with a Domain Controller for AD integration:


Today Intracon leverages the training cloud to deliver hands on training that includes installation, configuration, use and troubleshooting with both the participants and instructor sitting in their respective (home) offices. Previously such an experience was only possible through a costly investment in hardware and networking equipment in a room properly setup to accommodate the training session. Looking forward, Intracon has expanded the cloud to now host 24/7 solution demos that are being leveraged by instructors world-wide in an effort to bring full functioning and powerful demonstrations of software and solutions directly to resellers and customers. 

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