As an IT focused company, Intracon started using e-learning/e-teaching technologies from the beginning and incorporates these technologies in our training concepts, for both our training delivery team as well as for our training development team.

Still we often hear the question, "which of the teaching methodologies is better: traditional face-to-face classroom training or virtual trainings?" There are multiple research studies comparing traditional classroom training to various forms of electronic/virtual trainings.

We believe the perfect training concept is not using one or the other, but using the seamless combination of various training styles and methodologies to provide the most effective learning experience in general.

Intracon provides multiple training development and delivery services utilizing various e-learning training approaches, including simple training videos, flash animated online training, self-monitoring e-learning systems with interactive knowledge checks, and interactive virtual classrooms with live trainers available to answer the participants questions.

The latest concept Intracon is using is studio-based, interactive e-learning training events, where a live training event with trainer and equipment is broadcast on the Internet. This training concept allows us to provide e-learning trainings, including live product demonstrations and break-fix trainings for service engineers, at specific training locations using special training equipment.

If you want to know more about virtual training possibilities and how Intracon can provide a cost effective learning experience, please feel free to contact us.

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