Videos conveying key messages about solutions, products, methodologies or supporting tools and processes, can be very effective. They allow essential support in the field as well as the clear advantage of immediate global coverage. At Intracon, video based training, be it a video for a specific solution that can be learned from start to finish or a video to support training that has been classroom based, adds significant value when executed correctly.

Our focus and expertise is in the development and production of training videos for commercial customers, typically to meet specific audiences such as trade shows, specific customer events, product and solutions as well as key sales processes.

The key to our success can be summarized as follows:

  • Ensuring clear and understood objectives of the video with the customer and agreeing upon the terms of reference.
  • Ensuring correct personnel are assigned: content experts, delivery by either Intracon, the customer, or an outside agency such as professional actors for example, or a combination of all.
  • Customized videos reflecting the customer’s specific environment and the actual solution being positioned.
  • Securing on demand training portals for our customers.
  • Utilizing a common global development platform allowing input of multiple content experts.
  • Global distribution across multiple platforms, tailored to specific geographies if required.
  • In line with our Intracon face-to-face training policy, we embed feedback into our distributed videos, provide reporting information on number of 'hits' by country, as well as input into suggested improvements.

Please take the opportunity to look at a couple of the attached examples. These training videos were developed and produced as support for Hewlett-Packard Software.

Additionaly we are developing technology training animations , explaining complex technologies in a simple and understandable way.


Here are recently developed examples:

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements.

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