Welcome to Intracon’s Business Storytelling Support page.

The purpose of this page is to provide support for business storytellers that are using 

Intracon’s Business Storytelling Guide.

If you have questions about the business storytelling process you can submit those questions to us and we will provide additional guidance to help you complete your business story. Submit your questions in the Contact form below.

The Intracon Business Storytelling Support page is also a place where you can submit suggestions for improving the Business Storytelling Guide. We will assess your recommendations and, when possible, we will incorporate those suggestions to make it easier for new business storytellers. If suggestions don’t make their way into the guide they are likely to become a blog post, whitepaper, or short How-To video. Submit your suggestion in the Contact form below.

We will also continue to develop tools and other helpful aides to assist business storytellers. The items will be available for downloading on this support page. Additionally, we will upload sample business storytelling outlines that can help others creating stories. In fact, if you would like to share your outlines please contact us to discuss this matter.

Again, this Business Storytelling support is meant for current owners of Intracon’s Business Storytelling Guide. We will not be able to help if you are using a different approach to business storytelling. If you need to purchase the Business Storytelling click here. Please use the English language when communicating with us. We look forward to helping you with your business stories.

Finally, we are looking for case studies where business storytelling (as we’ve defined it) has made a difference in your business world. If you have a success story we’d like to hear about. We will share it with others, only with your permission.

 Business Storytelling Guide
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